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This is Change events are taking a short break during the current Covid-19 pandemic.


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We host a number of great events throughout the year and cover a range of topics celebrating the construction industry whilst shining a spotlight on where we need to change. Head to our events page to find out more and get a ticket.


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The message that This is Change is transcending across the industry is very much needed in this time of change. The UK BIM Alliance are incredibly proud to be a main sponsor and close partner and we can’t wait to see This is Change grow.

UK BIM Alliance

This Is Change’s vision, celebrating the people working in the construction industry first, and digital transformation second, is brilliant. The atmosphere at the ‘How to Win Innovation’ event encapsulated that – a group of people eager to hear each other out and excited to collaborate, in order to move the industry forward.

Gal Farhi


The event brought together a superb mix of innovators from across the construction sector to highlight some of the art of the possible for a rapidly evolving industry.

Mike Pitts

Innovate UK

My first ‘This is Change’ event was a welcoming injection of inspiration and forward thinking.  The speakers were from varying backgrounds and discussed topics around innovation from a number of different perspectives and approaches.  Some great thought leadership and stimulating content followed by lively networking, I would highly recommend attending future events.

Andy Boutle

Kier Group



There are many events that focus on innovation in the construction industry but none focus on how to make a success of innovation. We have seen events in the past focus on technology, focus on how broken the industry is…
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Opinion pieces and blogs on the construction industry

Key skills for innovation
Stephen Twist from Met Consultancy Group talks about five key skills that he associates with innovation.
March 4, 2020
Markie Reeds
Who Dares. Wins
Natalie Wadley is Co-founder of ChangeMaker 3D, a ground-breaking innovation start-up bringing 3D construction to the UK. Starting with 3D printed concrete housing to build faster, affordable and more sustainable homes. Natalie will talk about what it means to be a ‘ChangeMaker’ and provide candid insights into their journey of creating system change through disruptive innovation. How they have engaged the sector, and the resilience it takes to bounce back time and again knock backs.
March 4, 2020
Markie Reeds
Building better businesses with employee ideas
4 out of 5 employees have ideas to improve the business they work for. Matt Calver from Sideways 6 will be talking about the power of employee ideas, how some of the best companies in the world are leveraging their employees to innovate and grow and what to think about when launching your own employee ideas campaign.
March 4, 2020
Markie Reeds
leadership in transformation meeting
How to make technological transformation projects succeed
For the last three years of my career in the built environment, I have been involved with transformation in one form or another. I have seen first-hand what works, and more to the point, what doesn’t work. As an industry, we are poor at sharing our successes, let alone where we failed. I want to … Continue reading "How to make technological transformation projects succeed"
May 26, 2020
Rob Toon
time for change
Time for Change
Why we started This is Change and why now, above all other points in history, is the time to rethink the way we do things
November 20, 2019
Rob Toon