This is Change will start life as an event and a social media movement but that isn’t where it will stop. There are 3 areas that we want to tackle and, with your support, we can get there.

The first area is industry perception. The main reason This is Change came to life is because of our frustration with the way the industry is perceived from the outside. Through hosting bigger and better events and producing thought–leadership blogs, we will be able to build a wealth of material that will go some way to changing the way the industry is perceived. This content needs to remain relevant and reachable however, so every event will feature the best thought-leaders from across the industry and will be filmed to share across platforms. We want to invite people to write thought-leadership pieces for us as well as another mechanism for sharing our message.

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The second is sharing of knowledge. As an industry we are incredibly poor at sharing knowledge so we want to address this by launching a first-of-its-kind website that will share the best thought leadership, innovation and best practice from across the industry. We want to create the go-to hub for knowledge sharing from across the industry. Not only this, we want to get to a place where we are also sharing failures and things that didn’t go so well so we can start to learn, as an industry, and improve in ways we have never been able to before.

The final area is development. Now this is the biggest one of all and the one area we can truly make a game-changing impact. By development, we mean both learning and development and industry transformation overall. The learning and development offered within the construction industry is not fit for purpose. It is often outdated, not relevant, expensive and disengaging. From collecting knowledge and learnings from across the industry, we want to create an innovative learning and development scheme that truly targets what is needed to help the people of the industry. No more high level, general training-we want to get hard hitting, relevant training that is memorable and will impact the industry in a positive and sustainable way. At This is Change, we are also ‘open for business’ and want to collaborate with industry bodies, academia and other initiatives to transform the industry through collaboration.


Rob is passionate about innovation and digital transformation and how this will impact our industry. By putting the focus on people being key to digital transformation, Rob has been a key member of the team responsible for delivering the Innovation Strategy at a Tier 1 contractor.

Rob has had a diverse experience in the construction industry working on a variety of projects of differing values, challenges and complexities. From design management, to corporate strategy, change management, to innovation management and, more recently, digital construction, Rob has always been keen to explore different opportunities and champion change within the industry.

It is Rob’s firm belief that it is people that make construction a great place to work. Now, more than ever, we should be celebrating the people that work in our industry, and by embracing change we will continue to be an attractive, safe, client focussed and digitally enabled industry. This is why Rob founded This is Change.


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